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Source Pilates, LLC

Southpoint Durham

Private Studio 

providing individualized instruction

and personal training 

Building Core - Strength and Flexibility

Increasing Body-Mind Coordination

for Optimum Health and Fitness

Classically trained Pilates Instructor

Pilates Method Alliance certified

Studio Equipment: Pilates Reformer-Cadillac-Chair

Oov classes


Pilates for Every Body

"Change happens through movement and movement heals." - Joseph Pilates


Humans are built to move.  And movement changes us.  It heals us, inspires us, renews us and brings us joy.  Through movement we celebrate, grieve, tell our stories and prepare for battle.  Moving is vital to keeping us healthy and well; and when we can't,  or don't move, it impacts our physical, mental and spiritual well being.  My goal is to help you move better, easier, and with more enjoyment with Pilates and a  personal training approach. – Scotti Harwood,  PMA®-CPT,  owner, Source Pilates, LLC

Big, small, fit, not-so-fit, healthy, injured or ill.  Pilates meets you where you are and takes your health and physical abilities to a new level.  

Pilates is a low-impact exercise method you can practice throughout your life to maintain your freedom of movement, increase your strength and fitness and relieve stress.

Why Pilates?


Pilates’ low-impact exercises focus on moving from a strong core to  prevent injury and increase strength and flexibility throughout the whole body.  Like yoga, Pilates builds Mind-Body coordination by requiring the mind and body to work as a team to concentrate on controlled movements in each exercise. As a result of increased body awareness and motor control, you will move through your daily life with more balance and ease. With its emphasis on correct and full breathing, Pilates also offers a much-needed calming and stress-relieving benefit.  

Why Private Instruction?


Source Pilates, LLC is a private studio providing one-to-one instruction for anybody ready to improve their health and fitness with a safe and proven methodology.  

My goal is to provide my clients with an upbeat and encouraging environment; whether you are here for a challenging cross-training session, rehabilitation after an injury or a personal training session to keep you on track with your fitness goals.  Each session is designed to meet each individual's specific needs  utilizing the Pilates classical repertoire.  And as we work together to steadily achieve your health and fitness goals, you will learn to become the best owner/operator of your unique body.




· develops core and abdominal strength


· provides a full body workout 

· improves posture and spine health

· builds strength and long, lean muscles

· increases endurance and sports performance

· improves joint mobility and ease of movement

What Is your Goal?

Cross Training


Pilates is a favorite cross-training tool due to its focus on building core strength and movement control.  Since the exercises focus on developing a uniform body, it's great for any sport that creates body imbalances such as tennis or golf.  Athletes find that a Pilates practice not only increases their power output and control, but also reduces the frequency and severity of injuries.

Everyday Wellness


Today's sedentary occupations and reliance on technology are hurting our health and fitness.  As a result of "sitting disease," we are injured doing everyday tasks more frequently and find our leisure activities more challenging. Pilates is based on the functional movements that humans used to perform every day.  It helps counteract all our “sitting” and retrains your body to move functionally and safely.  So you can not only navigate the stairs at work, but also enjoy playing with your children and continue to remain physically active as you age.

Healing & Recovery


Research now provides evidence for Pilates as a healing and recovery tool. Doctors and physical therapists recommend the practice as a safe and effective follow-up program or as part of a patient's recovery plan.  Joseph Pilates created the equipment used in Pilates specifically for people who came to him with an illness or injury. Working on the Pilates machines, like the Pilates Reformer safely builds strength and functioning.

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